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IPS - Individual Placement and Support



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Promoting Recovery Through Employment

We strongly believe that recovery and employment go hand in hand.  We are dedicated to helping people with mental illness find and maintain competitive employment of their choice.

What is IPS Supported Employment?

Individual Placement and Support (IPS) is an evidence based practice approach to supported employment for people living with mental illness.

60-70% of people with SMI want to work, but fewer than 15% are employed.

Dartmouth’s Community Mental Health Program developed the IPS Supported Employment Center. Their
research team developed the IPS approach to supported employment. This evidence-based practice focuses
on employment for people with serious mental illness (SMI).

IPS is 3 times more effective at helping people with SMI obtain employment than any other type of vocational
program. In the past, vocational services focused on the consumer obtaining a period of symptom stability and
sobriety before pursuing employment goals. The IPS model promotes wellness and recovery, recognizing that
employment and recovery go hand in hand.

Kentucky was the 12th state to adopt the IPS model, starting with just 4 Community Mental Health Centers
in 2010. Wellspring joined the IPS project in November 2015. As of 2016 IPS programs may be found
throughout Kentucky.


Principles of IPS Supported Employment

1. Competitive Employment
2. Zero Exclusion
3. Integrated Services
4. Consumer Preferences
5. Personalized Benefits Counseling
6. Rapid Job Search
7. Systematic and Individualized Job Development
8. Time-Unlimited and Individualized Support


What Does “Zero Exclusion” Mean?
No one is excluded based on symptoms, substance use, hospitalizations, homelessness, legal system 
involvement or personal choices regarding treatment and medication. Everyone experiencing a SMI who 
wants to work is eligible.


Our Services:

We offer a full service approach to helping people with mental illness find and maintain employment of their choice. Our Employment Specialists assist in identifying personal strengths, skills, interests and needs in order to develop a unique employment plan. We spend time building relationships with employers in order to find the best fit. Employment specialists have small caseloads that ensure quality and individualized service. Our collaborative approach partners with VR counselors, benefits specialists and mental health treatment teams.


At WELLSPRING WORKS, we strongly believe that recovery and employment go hand in hand.


"My favorite thing about having a job is the exercise I get!" ~ Kelly



Long-term Benefits of Employment:

• Increased income
• Improved self-esteem & quality of life
• Reduction in symptoms and hospitalizations
• Appx 40% of those using IPS obtain a job and remain competitively employed for 10 years.



Will I lose my benefits if I get a job?

NO. There are work incentives built into both SSI and SSDI benefits and it only HELPS you to work. Your Employment Specialist and Benefits Counselor will help you navigate the system. 

Do I have to take classes?

NO. There are no pre-vocational requirements to receive services.

What if I’m not in treatment? 

While we believe that sobriety and medications are helpful tools in the recovery process, IPS is ZERO exclusion.  We will work with you regardless of your substance use or personal choices regarding treatment and medication.

“ My confidence level has risen, it’s something I had wanted to do for a long time” ~ Stephen


The WELLSPRING WORKS Team is excited to help you reach your employment goals! 


P.O. Box 1927
Louisville, KY 40201