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Love Story

on Fri, 01/20/2017 - 15:36

“Looking back, I think it was there… even as a child,” Kimberly reflects on her mental illness. Growing up, Kim found that alcohol “always seemed to help, if just for a while.”  A former flight attendant, Kim married young, and had her daughter soon after.  But her illness and alcohol use ravaged that life, and led to a cycle of relationship issues, losses, homelessness, and treatments that couldn’t be sustained. Finally, after an “eye opening” hospitalization, Kim’s sister helped her connect with Wellspring’s Ardery House program, and later, a link to our Journey Supportive Apartments Program. There was a brief Crisis Stabilization Program episode along the way, too – but Kim’s now “doing it all,” she says. Her “meds” are working for the first time ever, she’s living totally sober, and has a job where she’s found respect and made friends. “I’ve lost 25 pounds, and feel great!” she exclaimed. The best thing of all though, is being a part of her family’s life – especially her daughter and granddaughter.  “I’m never going to let all this go again – my life is great, and I love it so much. What a Christmas we’ll have this year!” Kim says with a smile that lights up the room.