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Our Programs

At Wellspring, we recognize that recovery from psychiatric illness does not mean finding a cure; rather, it means developing a satisfying, hopeful and contributing life despite the presence of mental illness. Certainly, having the stability and dignity of safe, secure housing is one of the essential pieces that must be in order before the work of psychiatric rehabilitation and recovery can begin. We know that recovery is a unique process for each person; therefore to most effectively promote recovery from mental illness, Wellspring has developed an array of options that meet our clients’ needs and preferences.

All client services are overseen by Wellspring’s Director of Programs, T. Patrick Rhodes, MSSW, LCSW. Wellspring operates with a staff of over 100 professionals and paraprofessionals, who serve nearly 600 clients in Jefferson and Shelby counties annually. Costs for Wellspring’s programs and housing rentals vary according to site; all charges are based on a sliding fee scale.

The agency provides crisis stabilization services through two sites, two transitional housing programs; three highly supported permanent housing programs, and 90 units of deeply subsidized rental housing, including supported apartments, independent apartments, and single-family homes.

Crisis Stabilization Services

The goal of Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU) programming is to assist clients who are experiencing an acute psychiatric episode to achieve stabilization and avoid hospitalization. Wellspring’s two CSU sites, the Frank M. Gaines Center and the David J. Block Center, provide a total of 16 crisis stabilization beds. This program serves patients who are experiencing acute symptoms of mental illness, such as severe depression, mania, or symptoms of psychosis. This is the only Wellspring program that does not require a severe and persistent mental illness diagnosis to be eligible for services. While at a CSU, clients receive intensive treatment, close monitoring with high levels of staff support, and medications prescribed by a psychiatrist.

Multi-disciplinary Staff includes:

Full-time Psychiatrist

7 Psychiatric Rehabilitation Counselors

Expressive Therapists

24-hour staff double coverage

Peer Support staff

For referrals and admission to the CSU Program call (502) 561-1072