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Supported Employment

on Fri, 01/20/2017 - 15:26

Nathaniel’s life has taken a “big upward turn,” since he connected to Wellspring, he says.  “There’s people who really care about me; they help me with shopping and keeping my meds straight, my bills paid, and they found me an apartment I really like!”  Once all the “stuff” of daily living had been worked out, Nate decided he’d like a job. So, he connected with Wellspring Works and they helped Nate identify his skills to figure out what kind of job he’d like. Before long, he had a job at the neighborhood Kroger.  “It’s close enough for me to walk to work, so I really like that,” Nate shares. “And, the store’s got a nice atmosphere and good folks to work with.” Nate especially likes being a Courtesy Clerk and helping the customers – “it’s nice to hear them say thanks and know I’ve done something good for them,” he beams.  Kevin Dixon, Nate’s Personal Care Provider, really enjoys seeing Nate set goals for himself and work to attain them. “Seeing Nate integrate himself back into the community, working, and exploring ways he can grow his skills and find new roles that satisfy him is just what we hope for all or our participants”, Kevin says.  “Nate’s figuring it out, and it’s great, helping him find his own way.”