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Wellspring Changed My Entire Life's Story...

on Fri, 12/15/2017 - 14:48

“Started drinking when I was 15 - right after my mother went out for groceries and never came back,” Marissa begins.  “It was three years before I saw her again.”

“I got a diagnosis of depression at about 22. Kept drinking, just to escape the emptiness inside.”  She suffered years of fruitless rehab attempts, the agony of an abusive relationship, and anguished over losing custody of her children.

“I’d get sober, but still feel so empty...there just wasn’t any happiness - no joy,” she shares.  “Once I got an apartment and I so hoped I’d make it last...”

But after a violent sexual assault, Marisa never went back to that apartment again.  “I just stayed homeless.  Learned the shelter system and the homeless camps,” Marisa says.

Finally some brightness came when Marisa got a diagnosis of bipolar disorder and connected with Wellspring’s Journey Program.

They helped Marisa find an apartment where she finally feels safe.  With a lot of therapy  and support she’s dealt with her painful past and learned coping skills she uses every day.  “And the Peer Support helps more than I can say,”  she says.  “It’s a blessing to feel hope and trust once again.  To pay it back, I visit the homeless camps so I can show folks that recovery is real.”

Now, through Wellspring Works, Marisa’s getting her CNA license renewed so she can get back to the career she always planned on - and start building her future.

“It’s going to be a good one!” she beams.  “My children are back in my life - and there’s a fellow in the picture too.  Maybe there’ll be a wedding when the time’s right.  Sure never thought I’d say that again!”

Marisa’s journey has been long and arduous, and we love sharing her success with you!  Wellspring will support hundreds of others in their journeys to recovery in the coming year.  Will you join us, please?  We really cannot do it alone!

Photo credit: John Nation