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Rx: Housing battles homelessness in Louisville

on Mon, 04/07/2014 - 18:12

Wellspring is proud to be one of the partners in Louisville's Rx: Housing program.  The following article appeared on the front page of The Courier-Journal on April 7, 2014.


Matt Frassica, The Courier-Journal; 7:10 p.m. EDT April 6, 2014
Photo: Jessica Ebelhar/The Courier-Journal

Brian Scarsbrook had been homeless for more than a year, battling drug addiction and haunted by memories of childhood neglect and abuse.

“Anything that I tried to do, I always ended up self-destructing and going back to the drugs,” Scarsbrook said.

In Tribute to our Friend & Founder, Malcolm R. “Mack” Mathews, Jr.

on Mon, 03/10/2014 - 15:24

We sadly acknowledge the death of our dear friend Mack Mathews, who passed away on November 26, 2013.   Wellspring has received many gifts in tribute to Mack which will further our housing and supportive services in our community.

In 1982, Mack Mathews, Phil Ardery, Bos Todd, and Steve Perkins began talking about the need for decent housing for adults in our community who were struggling with mental illness. Affordable housing was scarce – and community-based supportive serviceswere virtually non-existent at that time. 

Mack and our other founders saw the unnecessary hospitalizations, the

Journey Supportive Housing off to a Strong Start

on Wed, 03/05/2014 - 16:12

In December of 1998, Wellspring opened Journey House to better address the needs of Louisville’s dually-diagnosed women whose illnesses led to a downward spiral of homelessness and loss, often including a cycle of revolving-door hospitalizations, incarcerations, and abuse. Since then, Journey House has been home to more than 180 homeless women.

“I remember the very first graduate I had here,” says Cutia Brown, who has been the Clinical Supervisor at Journey House since 2006. “She moved out on her own and she still calls every now and then to let us know she’s doing alright living

New Crisis Stabilization Program Manager Connects Clients with Community Resources

on Wed, 01/15/2014 - 11:43
Allen Getman, our new Program Manager for our Crisis Stabilization Units, loves being able to connect our clients with resources to improve their lives.
“Since I started working at Wellspring, I’ve found there are lots of reasons people are here that are beyond mental health – housing, family issues, financial struggles.”
Allen knows that by supplementing mental health services with information about other community resources that can help them with those intervening problems, our clients will be more prepared to deal with their situation.

Wellspring Implements Passport 'Improved Health Outcomes Program' Research Project

on Wed, 01/08/2014 - 12:02

Wellspring has engaged two highly-regarded researchers to conduct a study that will assess the value of Permanent Supportive Housing in terms of cost savings to the system and client outcomes, including life satisfaction.

“Our hypothesis is that when a person has the dignity and stability of housing, combined with adequate support, their need for costly emergent care decreases and their lives get better,” explains Kathy Dobbins.

Mary Ann Finds Freedom and Peace... at Last

on Tue, 12/03/2013 - 10:14
Wellspring Personal Care Provider, Montoya Ware, 
with Mary Ann, who has a new apartment through GIPP

Mary Ann Finds Freedom and Peace through the Guardianship Independence Pilot Project 

"It's having choices. Maybe that sounds funny...but for 15 years there were so few of them in my life," Mary Ann explains. Imagine, if you can, having nearly every decision made for you. What if eating, sleeping, and even watching television or listening to the radio were all on someone else's terms? That was what Mary Ann lived with in a personal care home until she entered Wellspring's GIPP Program. 


31st Annual Wellspring Thanksgiving Celebration, Hosted by Third Lutheran Church, was a Success!

on Wed, 11/27/2013 - 14:45
Thanksgiving has always been a special time at Wellspring. Each year, clients, family members, graduates, board members, and staff have gathered at our flagship site in Old Louisville - Ardery House - to celebrate the holiday and share a meal together. 
Having the house bustling with activity has always added to the charm of this special gathering, but with the addition of two new programs and two new housing sites over the past year, we had reached a tipping point. We needed a bigger venue! 
Melissa Kratzer, Development Manager and Chair of the employee-led Events Planning Committee,

Wellspring Tonini Apartments Receives Center for Nonprofit Excellence Art of Collaboration Award

on Mon, 11/18/2013 - 15:28

Wellspring CNPE Pyramid Award

L to R: Christine Koenig, DMLO; Bob Brodbeck, Chief Operating Officer at Wellspring; Al Spotts, Director of Housing Development at New Directions Housing Corporation; Kathy Dobbins, Executive Director of Wellspring; Joe Gliessner, Executive Director of New Directions

Wellspring and New Directions Housing Corporation were awarded the Pyramid Award of Excellence in the Art of Collaboration at the recent Center for Nonprofit Excellence Luncheon.

Mental Health Wellness Fair & Free Pancake Breakfast

on Fri, 10/25/2013 - 12:32

Join us on Saturday, November 9th!

Get your questions answered about mental health, substance abuse, suicide prevention, and more.


The Community of Well-being hosts the Mental Health Wellness Fair & Free Pancake Breakfast - Saturday, November 9th from 10:00 am to noon at Immanuel United Church of Christ (2300 Taylorsville Road, Louisville, KY 40205).

Get directions to the Wellness Fair here

Eric Cecil, Wellspring Community Support Specialist, featured in Courier-Journal

on Thu, 10/03/2013 - 14:29

The Courier-Journal

Opinion by Eric Cecil
October 3, 3013

It’s easy to hear about a designated week or month and not put another thought into it. I hope that’s not the case during Mental Illness Awareness Week (Oct. 6-12), highlighting an issue we can’t afford to ignore.

Studies show one in four, or nearly 60 million, Americans a year are affected by mental illness. Even more troubling is that 60 percent of adults and nearly 50 percent of youth with a mental illness received no treatment in the previous year.

Too many people are suffering needlessly.